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Multi-Unit Complexes:

RM has worked in a wide variety of multi-unit complexes applications ranging from hotels & motels to high end condominiums and apartments.  Though the fundamentals of these types of projects are very similar, the finite details of each project must be understood to the fullest to assure efficient and effective execution.  We have completed projects in both plan & spec and design build/assist applications.  Under both project delivery formats, we have been able to propose, implement and execute a wide variety of value engineering solutions.  The ideas and solutions we are able to lend as a team, stem from over 35 years of experience.  Read more about our success here:  

:: Eldercare Facilities
:: Housing Cottages
:: Suite Style Rooms 
:: Condominium Facilities
:: Hotel / Motel
:: College Dormitory
:: Apartment Complexes


Featured Projects:

:: D.T. Allen Village 
:: Dirigo Pines
:: Riverplace Apartments
:: One Riverfront Plaza
:: Wells Senior Center
:: Androscoggin Hospice Center
:: Brick Hill Cottages
:: Tall Pines Housing
:: Auburn Crossing
:: Concord Condos 
:: SMCC Dormitory
:: The Cascades
:: Wilton Comfort Inn
:: Waterville Hampton Inn
:: Ellsworth Hampton Inn
:: Bath Hampton Inn
:: Hathaway Creative Center
:: Tempest Ridge Housing 
:: Bass Point Cottages
:: Port Royal Condominiums

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