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Design Assist combines principles from both Plan & Spec and Design Build.  Our in-house engineering group utilizes cutting-edge technologies, delivering to our clients the most cost-effective and timely plumbing/HVAC design possible.  By participating in preconstruction design meetings and providing budgeting along the way, we provide our clients with turnkey solutions for their facility. 

Design-Assist projects provide great value to the owner due to the collaboration that takes place on the front-end of the project.  A third party unites the project team and rectifies any pending issues amongst the PHVAC systems in relation to the other involved trades.  Issues are taken care of at the start of the project, allowing for the project to run smooth from start to finish.  The competitive bid process of Plan & Spec partnered with the creative pursuit of Design-Build creates significant value for owners. 

  • Front-End Trade Collaboration 
  • Hybrid between P&S and Design-Build
  • Minimizes Re-Designs
  • Optimal Project Efficiencies

We're always looking to work with the best trade contractors the industry has to offer to assure top quality performance.  If you would like to be added to the RM bid list, please send us an email:   ranor@ranormech.com

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