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The Construction industry has experienced unprecedented changes in recent years due to two large scale events—the Global Recession and Global Warming.
Global warming has scientifically proven that a direct correlation exists between global temperatures and CO2 emissions. CO2 emissions occur in two forms—naturally and by human beings. Human being emissions come in the form of burning fossil fuels for energy—electricity turbines, heating fuel, automobiles, etc. The concerns that global warming has brought forth have forced the industry to transition away from fossil fuel emitting mechanical systems in facilities.
Due to how affordable fossil-fuels have been in the recent past, people have continued to purchase mechanical systems with fossil fuels as the energy source. Because there is a fixed supply of Oil in the world and it is not regenerating at a rate sufficient to keep up with demand, economists and environmentalists estimate the Oil supply will last another 25-50 years. 
As the supply of Oil continues to deplete due to increased global and domestic demand, the price will subsequently be forced to rise.
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RM Green Goals:
  • Assist in the establishment of a sustainable energy infrastructure in the state of Maine
  • Assist in the rehabilitation of the Maine Economy through decreased operating expenses by way of facility upgrades and retrofits
  • Assist in decreasing Maine’s carbon footprint and adverse ecological impacts that exist in facilities all across the state
  • Decrease the States dependence on Crude Oil by implementing efficient and sustainable facility operating practices
  • Promote the long-term benefits of sustainable energy sources
  • Promote the long-term adverse ecological and economic impacts of fossil fuel dependence
  • Promote Maine’s Renewable Energy opportunities in energy and job creation
  • Promote the long-term importance of being Energy Independent as a State / Country  

We have performed several FREE level 1 audits all over the state of Maine where we work directly with Facilities Managers, Owners, Engineers, etc. to decipher the level of efficiency that their facility is operating.  The FREE level 1 audit entails the following:

  • Meet with facility representative to review any ongoing efficiency activities
  • Perform general walkthrough at the direction of the facility representative
  • Account for equipment residing in each independent operating system
  • Note any 'low hanging fruit' per operating system
  • Solicit pricing for most efficient equipment per system 
  • Construct simple payback calculation baed on equipment selections 
  • Compile everything and construct a formal proposal for the facility to review  
Click here to schedule your facilities FREE level 1 energy audit:

The opportunity exists to expand upon our FREE service  offering if we are given more time in your facility to perform the level 1 audit.  We have the relationships to solicit further FREE investigation into your facility.  Scheduling each system to be audited is of utmost importance to alleviate the potential burden on the facilities operations.  At the facilities direction, we will manage the scheduling process to maximize the value of the audit while reducing the facility burden that potentially exists.  

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