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RM has extensive experience working in Healthcare facilities.  Through our experience, we have gained an understanding for the risks associated with the working environment.  Life safety is the biggest risk a contractor faces when working in an existing healthcare facility.  The functional system within the facility must be understood to the greatest degree.  Every room isolation, temporary shut-down or simply day-to-day activites present significant life safety risks, as certain aspects are critically important to the facility patients.  Understanding and managing these risks have propelled us to being one of the most sought after Mechanical Contractors in the state.  Read more about our success here:

:: Hospitals
:: Dentist Offices
:: Doctors Offices
:: Medical Offices
:: Intensive Care Units 
:: Surgery Suites
:: Stand-Alone Surgery Centers
:: CT Scan Units
:: MRI Units
:: Patient Rooms

Featured Projects: 

:: Maine Coast Memorial Hospital
:: Franklin Memorial Hospital
:: Brunswick Dental Facility
:: Central Maine Medical Center Cath. Lab
:: Dixfield Medical Center
:: Maine General Hospital - Cardiology Unit
:: Mt. Desert Island Hospital
:: Russell Medical Center
:: Penobscot Valley Hospital
:: Portland Medical Center
:: Better U Facility
:: Dr. Bossong Dental
:: Sunbury Medical Offices
:: Redington Fariview Hospital
:: Redington Fairview Medical Offices
:: Minot Avenue Family Practice
:: Vining Dental Facility
:: Maine General Hospital - Radiology Unit




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