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"Customer Satisfaction is the Measure of Quality"

Since our beginning in 1972, we have worked diligently to understand exactly what our clients expect from their Mechanical Contractor. It all boils down to five basic principles – Cost, Quality, Knowledge and Reliability. Each principle is of equal importance and the emphasis must be on the sum of all four and not on just one or two. Too many companies focus too much attention on one individual principle, meanwhile sacrificing the strength of another.
Cost is undeniably the most important aspect of a project – holding quality constant. It is up to each involved company to accurately estimate the project at hand; assuring the project is within budget while upholding the agreed upon plans and specifications. The last thing our clients want is to have a project cost more than they originally anticipated. We feel we do such an adequate job estimating that our clients should feel 100% confident in the bottom line price we provide them with. Learning from past project successes and failures has directly influenced the continued improvement we have seen in our pre-construction services.
Quality control is a top point of emphasis in any successful service firm. We work very meticulously with our suppliers and vendors to assure that we are installing their products at the highest possible level, with longevity in mind. We have instituted monthly “lunch and learns” where a representative from our vendors comes to show us new and innovative products. Each new product introduced is discussed and illustrated in great detail to assure installation is performed the right way, the first time. We simply do not tolerate sloppy work – our project superintendents are sufficiently trained and certified to pledge top quality work at each of their jobs.
A clear Understanding of the project deliverables allows us to perform the work on time, on budget and on scope – all directly influencing the received level of quality by our clients. The bottom line is that if we don’t understand exactly what our clients project specific needs and desires are, there’s simply no way we can deliver. Any and all ambiguity that exists between us and our clients is eliminated prior to construction, promoting a superior estimation process.
At the end of the day, our clients are looking for a Reliable mechanical contractor that they can count on. They need to be rest-assured that the above mentioned principles are in fact upheld within our organization and not just used a promotional device on paper. We understand that our company is only one piece of the project puzzle, and in order for the puzzle to come together in the end, every company needs to coordinate and correspond in a cooperative manner.  No service firm will ever achieve perfection, however learning from imperfections and not allowing them to happen twice, separates the good from the great – which is exactly where we strive to be each and every day here at Ranor Mechanical.
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