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Unlike Design Build and Design Assist, Plan & Spec contracts are usually awarded based upon their bottom line bid price.  The strength of our Plan & Spec division is predicated on 40+ years worth of Estimation experience.  Every facility has requires a customized approach and the must be properly tailored on the front end of a given project in order to maximize the efficiency of the project lifespan. 

We have worked hard to acheive mutually beneficial working relationships with the best commercial trade contractors in the state.  The competitive environment this presents results in lower prices and higher quality on RM projects.  We uphold a strong belief in accountability for the work that we subcontract - fostering a disciplined project team working towards a common goald - a successful project. 

  • Relationships
  • Trade Expertise
  • Attention to Detail
  • Creative Solutions
  • Competitive Pricing

We're always looking to work with the best trade contractors the industry has to offer to assure top quality performance.  If you would like to be added to the RM bid list, please send us an email:   ranor@ranormech.com

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