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Ranor Mechanical
Ranor Mechanical Plumbing and HVAC
  • Health Care
    Ranor Mechanical has extensive experience working within hospitals and other medical facilities throughout the state of Maine. Our attention to safety, cleanliness and noise regulations help deliver a successful project... Tell Me More!
  • Educational
    Ranor Mechanical has performed extensive Plumbing and HVAC work on many college and high school campuses throughout the state of Maine.  Tell Me More!
  • State/Municipal
    Ranor Mechanical has performed Plumbing and HVAC work on several state and municipal projects in the past such as town offices, state buildings, libraries and law enforcement facilities. Tell Me More!
  • Multi-Unit Complexes
    Ranor Mechanical has performed Plumbing and HVAC work on several multi-story residential buildings such as college dormitories, hotel/motels and senior living centers. Tell Me More!
  • Retail
    Ranor Mechanical has performed Plumbing and HVAC work at several retail outlets, grocery stores and banks all across the state of Maine.  Tell Me More!

Since our beginning in 1972, Ranor Mechanical has focused on one primary objective: the complete satisfaction of our customers. Through the concentrated efforts of a dedicated staff, we have been able to build a reputation of reliability and professionalism in all of our endeavors. We pursue the highest level of quality in our work, a goal that ensures your continued satisfaction and our mutual success.

Safety and quality are top priorities at Ranor Mechanical. Management and field supervisors are dedicated to upholding the safe working conditions and operating practices of all employees and job environments. Employees are required to comprehend, follow, and promote safety and health standards at all levels and at all site locations. Our commitment to safety is evidenced by our low accident rate as illustrated by our experience modification rate (EMR). Our staff is committed to quality at every level.

We have been offering creative solutions to a variety of mechanical challenges for over 35 years. Our success in meeting or exceeding those challenges has earned us a fine reputation in our industry. With our expertise and ingenuity, we are certain we can build a satisfying partnership with your organization.

We work with you from the start of the project to create customized solutions that meet the specific needs of your facility.

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