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RM Health & Safety:

Ranor’s industry-leading EMR and proactive safety program demonstrate our commitment to safety and our dedication to maintaining the safest site conditions possible. Ranor has the breadth and experience to handle matters related to insurance coverage, claims, safety and loss control, thus giving Ranor greater control in managing projects. With strict policies in place, Ranor requires safety glasses and hard hats to be worn 100% of the time. Ranor focus's a great deal of energy educating employees on the recognition of potential hazards and loss opportunities, providing them with a true team approach to overall project safety. 

Safety Gear"The Construction Industry is a high hazard industry for those who work in it. In an effort to help those in the industry identify hazards that may be causing accidents as well as provide training and other information, OSHA has organized the Construction Industry pages. Within this collection, you will find information on OSHA compliance including standard requirements for the Construction industry and agency policies, training and outreach material, contact information and information on the advisory committee on Construction Safety and Health (ACCSH). " -OSHA

  • EMR Rating:   .62
  • OSHA Certification Required
  • Hazard Awareness Training
  • PPE Provided and Required
  • Continuous Improvement Initiative
  • Weekly Tool-Box Safety Meetings
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